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Albert Pinkham Ryder, Marsden Hartley, 1938, The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Moonlightist, R.B. Kitaj, 1998 The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

From The Met's Entry On MoonlightistThe Title Of This Portrait Derives From Marsden Hartley's Poem, "Albert Ryder, Moonlightist." Its Composition Is Based On Another Hartley Work, His 1938 Painting Of Ryder (In The Museum's Collection). In 1995, When Kitaj's Own Pictures Were Exhibited Here In A Major Retrospective, Hartley's Painting Was Also On View. This Is One Of Several Tributes To Well-Known Artists That Kitaj Made When He Returned To The United States After Forty Years In England.

Albert Ryder - Moonlightist, Marsden Hartley (First Published In Selected Poems, Viking Press, 1945)

Moonlight, Albert Pinkham Ryder, 1887 Smithsonian American Art Museum

Portrait Of Marsden Hartley, Milton Avery, 1943 The Phillips Collection